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A divorce can become a personal crisis causing you to miss work and feeling anxious about the outcome and cost of litigation.  You are not alone.  Candace B. Demary wants to help you out of the crisis.

Candace understands what you are going through.   Let Candace help you by explaining the law and legal procedure, creating a litigation plan, and offering reasonable legal fees.

Candace wants to handle your case and get you the result you deserve

We know it can be exhausting when dealing with legal issues involving you and your family. Candace wants to help you fight for what's right and get you the results that you deserve and that are best for your children.


Candace is the right lawyer for you

No one wants to make the wrong decision when finding someone to represent them in court.  Candace will prepare you for court by educating you on the legal process, the law, your rights, and how to prevail in court.  Candace is experienced in family law, and ready to help you win your case.

Property & Children

In a divorce, both property and children are issues to be negotiated or tried before a judge.   Let Candace give you legal and common sense advice regarding dividing property and/or your parenting plan.   A parenting plan includes each parent's rights & duties, visitation, child support, health insurance, or other provisions that can be customized to meet your family's needs.