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Harris County Civil Courthouse


Most courts are holding hearings via Zoom.  Candace will provide you the details of how to attend court via Zoom as needed.


Courthouse Information​


All family district courts are located in the Harris County


Civil Courthouse located at 201 Caroline, Houston, Texas


77002.  See the list of each family court, specific location,


and direct telephone number for your convenience.


Parking is available all around the courthouse.  Most parking lots accept credit cards.  Leave home early enough to find and pay for parking.


You must go through security similar to the airport to enter the courthouse. Make sure you leave small knives, pepper spray, fingernail clippers, etc. at home. You will be required to remove your shoes, belts, cell phones, keys, etc. The lines for security can become long. Expect delays at security.


Courthouse attire is business casual. No shorts or flip-flops. The courthouse is a formal venue which requires conservative, respectful attire at all times.


Make sure your cell phone and any other device is on silent at all times inside the courtroom.  If it rings in the courtroom, the bailiff can take it from you. Do not talk in the courtroom if the Judge is on the bench.  If the Judge calls your name, always stand to speak to the Judge. Always address the Judge as “Judge” or “Your Honor”.

Food Court in basement

You can enjoy Starbucks or Luby’s in the basement of the Civil Courthouse.  Credit Cards are accepted.  


245th Judicial District Court
Honorable Tristan H. Longino
15th Floor
(713) 368-5900

246th Judicial District Court

Honorable Angela L. Graves-Harrington
16th Floor
(713) 274-4500

247th Judicial District Court

Honorable Janice Berg
15th Floor
(713) 368-6570

257th Judicial District Court

Honorable Sandra Peake
16th Floor
(713) 274-4560

308th Judicial District Court

Honorable Gloria E. Lopez
8th Floor
(713) 274-4600

309th Judicial District Court

Honorable Linda Marie Dunson
16th Floor
(713) 274-4520

310th Judicial District Court

Honorable Sonya L. Heath
15th Floor
(713) 368-4580

311th Judicial District Court

Honorable Germaine J. Tanner
8th Floor
(713) 274-4580

312th Judicial District Court

Honorable Clinton E. Wells, Jr.
16th Floor
(713) 274-4540

507th Judicial District Court

Honorable Julia Maldonado

15th Floor

(713) 274-4620

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